Twelve Books!

You used to be able to get these books as a PDF from the Author's Dozen mailing list! Now, you can only read the descriptions. Sorry! Hoping to publish some of these.

Book 12: Author's Dozen Nonfiction Project

The podcast is now 60,000 words of scripted material and twice that many in unscripted content. Stay tuned for the bookification of the podcast!

Book 11: Ironclad Nocturne - way more words

A continuation of Ironclad Nocturne, and the subject of Author's Dozen: Revised. Book 11 will be included in the revised Ironclad Nocturne novel when she's published. 

Book 10: SS Terminus

These are unusual times. A mysterious flying metal ship has upended the balance of power in the age of sail; a city has been flattened by weaponry not of this world; Captain Dawn – a hero of the Verland Empire – has disappeared with his flagship and all hands; and Rob Crowe, a Lieutenant of low and scandalous birth, is summoned to captain a vessel of the sixth rate, upon which lie all the hopes and fears of the Royal Navy.

Crowe is to find Dawn and his lost ship before he draws the wrath of the deadly aircraft. His expedition is cursed from the start, guided by Dawn's cryptic last message and dogged at every step by the flying ship that the men dub SS Terminus. Crowe struggles to lead a vessel to locals unknown, hounded by storms, disease, spies, and saboteurs. Enemies and traitors pursue the powerful Terminus at any cost. No wonder. The project of Empire was founded on the myth of superior power and culture; a myth put to the ultimate test in the shadow of Terminus' wings.

Book 9: The Forgotten Queen

Susan used to visit Narnia, back before her whole family died. Now, it's the Narnians who visit Earth in search of a Queen who'd like to forget that Narnia ever existed. This novella sits at 40,000 words, which is short of my goal. It also doesn't live up to a cherished novel series, so I'm not going to taint Narnia until I'm satisfied with the product. 

Book 8: Godforsaken

Godforsaken is the only novel this year that I've chosen not to list here for free. It's not a good book. That's not to say that any of these books are good, but Godforsaken is just embarrassing enough that I'd rather not put it out in its present form. Sorry!

Book 7: Ironclad Nocturne

Tora's world is a machine, retrofitted from core to crust to serve the needs of mankind. The right kind of mankind, anyway. 

She's an Ironclad: a mercenary in power armor, able to avoid being ripped limb from limb in the vast factories beneath the surface. With her rulers vying for power in the Nocturne shadow war, the pay has been good indeed.

Then, a note arrives from a friend who's supposed to be dead; a friend who owes her life to Tora, and to Tora's noblest deed; a friend who wants to break the World Machine. 

A note, which reads:

Turn against the world and see

The world will change not one degree

And the teeth will bite

And the gears will fight

Until we all agree

Turn against the world and see

Little machine gear, turn and see.

Book 6: Miserable Company

Erik is a human, and a child of destiny. That means he can pretty much do whatever he wants and still win. 

This isn’t a story about Erik.

This is a story about the group of followers Erik’s gained throughout the years: his emotionless golem, a bloodthirsty elf, and a depressed shapeshifter, all held together by a half-demon sorceress who’s got an unrequited crush on the main character from her favorite series of novels, who happens to be Erik. 

When two gremlins gum up the plot that leads to Erik’s destiny, his company must accomplish three mighty deeds that will free their captive leader and restore him to his rightful throne.

Or, must they? 

This isn’t a story about Erik. This is a story about his Miserable Company.

Book 5: Ghost Town

Everybody died.

Well, maybe

Dying wasn't the end. It was the end of my body – the end of all sight, smell, sound, and fun – but not the end of my character.  

Humanity meant nothing, and the afterlife is a lonely bore. That is, unless I can find the last human survivor on the opposite side of the United States. That's the hope that keeps me going through the ruins of civilization; through strange confrontations with spirits you'd wish would have followed their bodies to the grave.

Book 4: Night of the Mayfly

Call me Cal. I'm your typical LA Private Eye when I'm not busy being a cat.

Every human in town has an animal form they can adopt at will. Mine happens to be a mottled grey and black. My client's stuck in the form of a mayfly, which gives me roughly one night to clear her for murder before she sleeps the big sleep. It’ll take all my contacts in the mob, the K9 cops, and animal control. Between them, I don’t know which I trust least.

Book 3: Siren Deep

The Orphan Fleet’s sixteen-year journey is almost at an end. Tomorrow, their technologically and magically enhanced civilization will invade and occupy a new planet for their all-powerful ruler. Tomorrow, the orphan Asha will prove to her people that she is worthy of power and affection.

Not all is as it seems. The planet is no planet at all, but an indestructible moon-sized shell. A mysterious entity calls out to Asha from deep inside the Shell; a being that offers worth and power, for a price. 


The purported biography of one Annabelle Ikner, who invented an all-powerful artificial intelligence from her freshman dorm room in order to make her first friend.  Or so the biography claims. How can you trust such a fantastic story of loss, corruption, and triumph? How can you trust a god?

Book 1: Hollow

In a world where slaves look no different than their masters, Turner hopes to outgrow his humble beginnings to become a wolf-rider like his long-lost father. Then, his village vanishes into thin air.

 With hopes shattered and on the run from slave-hunters, Turner seeks answers from his missing father. With the help of a peasant who thinks like a noble, an eccentric criminal, and giant beasts from unexplored continents, Turner finds a revolution brewing that promises justice for all and mercy for none.


"Reading this alongside of Author's Dozen podcast is such a unique experience. The character development and storyline are fantastic and hard to put down."

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