About the Author

Well, well, well...

That's what Paul Isaac Yoder says whenever people ask him how he likes writing.

Born under the sign of Scorpio General Hospital, Paul Isaac Yoder uses his full name in casual conversation and demands others do likewise. Named "the voice of his generation" by the voice of his generation – it being the business of voices to name things – Paul blazed a trail for hetero caucasian men to finally have their time in the literary spotlight. As a famously unknown author, Paul has something the international bestsellers don't: no international bestsellers. On a typical day, you can find Paul Isaac Yoder, but not before he finds you.

But enough joking around: don't litter.

Paul grew up in Bluffton, Ohio – a small village with no bluffs, and certainly not a ton of them. He received degrees in Film and Creative Writing from Taylor University which when combined vanished from existence in a matter/antimatter reaction. Were that the same could be said of his tuition.

How utterly typical; this outward-focused false humility: what drips from the gutters in an overflow of self-regard, poison nectar of Narcissus that consumes and infuses all who tell their own story. Self-loathing is tiresome; awaken, self-forget! About the Author? What about him? Can you not read his words without knowing his mind, his politics, his hands and the most recent bottom they wiped? Accreditation and circumstance can do nothing to reorder a single word that Paul Isaac Yoder has written. Do not view him, but the work – and through your eyes, not his.

He writes Science Fiction and Fantasy novels and makes a podcast about it.

Links ahoy: historical fiction, award-winning literary fiction, experimental rom-com fiction, Resume: from Emmy nominations to that time I picked beans for six years

Yup, them's links, ain't they? But they aren't the links to "the best science fiction novel ever written," are they? Well neither is this one. It's merely a link to the first chapter of "the best science fiction novel ever written." Ha. Seriously, The Eerie is "a masterpiece." Take it from me: I'm the one with the quotation marks, after all.

TL;DR: I write award-winning and innovative sci-fi and fantasy fiction at an alarming rate. I value speaking the truth in love and in excellence. I seek the creation of structures and charities that amplify other excellent and unique writers.